Our Slogan




Knowledge is the ground of any technology, any business, any initiative. NATIVE ENGINEERING SERVICES & TRADING has not formed to become just another supplier or service provider in the market. We believe that you must excel in technology, team performance, market analysis, innovation and optimization in order to become the best Engineering solution provider.  We always keep in mind that we might not get a second chance in this highly competitive sector. The team members of NEST continuously keep working hard to excel themselves in their relevant fields along with doing business and enjoying customer satisfaction. Knowledge, education, experience and enthusiasm are the prerequisites to that, which is why NEST always prioritizes professionals who possess those qualifications in the team. Highly qualified Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and other Engineers and other professionals are our most valuable assets.



Innovation is not just a wand that makes impossible possible and makes possible easier or better, it is a must-do in the survival contest in the market which gets harder every day. NATIVE ENGINEERING SERVICES & TRADING  always encourages out-of-the-box thinking in the team members. When our educational knowledge, experience on industrial constraints and practice of Lean thinking, Ergonomics and Lean tools like OEE, Jidoka, Poka-Yoke and Kaizen blend with our expertise on the latest technology, that makes us able to design better solutions with the help of our extensive skills on designing tools like AutoCAD, Revit, BIM, Solidworks etc. NEST is also going to incubate a few unique business ideas that are highly likely to become successful. We also have future plans about R & D on robotics with some innovative ideas.



The sole purpose of optimization is to make sure the best use of your resources like capital, materials, energy, space, tools, information, time and people. In addition to the base of academic knowledge, experience and innovation makes our highly qualified Industrial Engineers excel in that skill using the advanced decision-making tools like Simulation, Operations Research, Reliability Engineering, MIS etc. In order to excel in optimization, one must also take into account that every project is different in nature. A top priority component in a project could be the least priority in other project. For a perfect optimization, it is important to sense the appropriate weightages for quality, reliability, aesthetics and cost of the components. The combination of our tangible and intangible innovative tools allows us to compose and to offer the best solutions to our clients that are the most optimized ones as well.