Valued clients




Any building or facility at pre-construction or construction stage including –

Industries / factories – RMG, Textile, Spinning, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Cement, Ceramics, Food & Allied, Tannery, Paper & Printing, Paints, Plastic, Manufacturing,
Commercial buildings,
Residential buildings,
Any other building where installation of fire fighting system / HVAC / electrical system / plumbing system is needed,
Any building that needs to install fire sealants / air terminal / water proofing or apply anti dampening chemicals.


Any process plant like gas processing plant, Washing, Dyeing, paint manufacturing, tannery, food processing industry, pharmaceutical factory etc. that involves –

Water treatment,
Effluent treatment,
Sewage treatment,
Chemical treatment,
Sludge treatment
Any other process that requires installation of special plumbing system or valve accessories.


Any facility looking for maintenance or repair or spare parts replacement of – 

Fire fighting system,
Electrical system,
Plumbing system,
Valve and accessories,
Water management system,
Fire sealant,
Air terminals,
Water proofing,
Anti dampening chemicals.


Any industry or other facility where industrial automation is needed like –

Inverter / VFD,
HMI modules,
Servo drive,
Energy meter,
PFI controller,
Relay & contactors,
Temperature controller,
Microcontrollers, integration of sensors and computers,